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Steve Smith st3v3.sm1th at gmail.com
Wed Feb 6 17:24:35 UTC 2008

On 06/02/2008, Brian Wood <beww at beww.org> wrote:
> Steve Smith wrote:
> >
> >
> > "Recording one program while watching another"?!?!?!
> >
> > JVC you'd better watch out, that VHS video idea you stole off Tivo using
> > your time machine and then ported back 20
> > years is coming to bite you!
> >
> Well that's really an oversimplification of what the case is about,
> you'd have to read the patent app and the case to get a true picture.
> Like a lot of us I was very happy to see TiVo using Linux, but having
> seen them be so grudging about releasing source code, pushing OSS
> towards GPL3 and basically contributing nothing back to the community I
> have come to realize that not everything using Linux is a good thing.
> Now, with this specious (to me at least) case, I see that they are
> greedy capitalists like the rest of them.
> beww
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Yes just looking at the patentS (yes there are several) now.

Very broad indeed. They even have one for a progress bar!

Looks like Tivo are taking the SCO Unix route to business success.

Of course the Tivo concept has been copied by practically every consumer
electronics firm going now.
So potentially it's a great revenue stream for them.

And Myth/GB-PVR etc????  Perhaps when they get round to sueing Happauge
etc they'll extract a levy there for our use.

Cute cuddly Tivo could be turning into a nasty, spiteful teenager.


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