[mythtv-users] Watching active recordings stops on remote frontends

lists_mythtv_users lists_mythtv_users at bigpizza.co.uk
Tue Feb 5 20:11:59 UTC 2008

lists_mythtv_users wrote:
> Jarett Creason wrote:
>> Hey all,
>> I'm having a problem with my Myth setup (0.20.2), I searched the 
>> archives but couldn't find this...  Yesterday, I set the Super Bowl to 
>> record from my master backend/frontend machine, and it uses the 
>> HDHomeRun tuner.  On that machine, I was able to go to the recordings 
>> screen, select the recoding and tell it to play, then jump up to "real 
>> time" and watch it as it happens.  I have two other remote frontends I 
>> also wanted to watch the game from.  I did the same thing, went the 
>> recordings menu, played the recording, then jumped to a few seconds 
>> behind real time, but then the playback would exit back to the 
>> recordings screen, like the recording was over.  I tried again, but 
>> this time I'd jump to a minute behind, but then after a minute or so, 
>> it would exit again, like the recording was done.  What I figured out 
>> was that when I press play on the recording, where ever the stream is 
>> currently at, that's where it exits once it reaches that point, like 
>> it doesn't update how long the recording is while it plays. 
>> For example (since I may not be too clear), I press play on the Super 
>> Bowl, and when I first get the picture, I press the info button, and 
>> it says that I'm 1 second into the recording, and the recording's 
>> current length is 4 minutes and 30 seconds.  The recording is growing 
>> though, since it's in progress.  If I just let it play, 4 minutes and 
>> 30 seconds later, the recording is 9 minutes long, but the playback 
>> exits right there.
>> I was able to just "Watch TV" on one of the two remote frontends using 
>> the 2nd tuner on the HDHomeRun, which worked fine, so I had it playing 
>> in two places...  Thanks for any help, and if I'm overlooking some 
>> thread or already known fix for this, please just point me in the 
>> right direction.
> For info, I have been experiencing exactly the same problem.  The time 
> offset from the beginning of a recording at which I start viewing it is 
> the time at which the recording will finish being played by the frontend.

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