[mythtv-users] Audio or Video, not Both

Greg Oliver greg.oliver at cistera.com
Sun Feb 3 18:37:19 UTC 2008

On Feb 3, 2008, at 11:37 AM, "Reid Anderson" <reidsanderson at gmail.com>  

> I'm using a ShuttlePC with an Intel G33 chipset that has HDMI and  
> SPDIF capabilities.  However, I'm having an issue with audio at the  
> moment.  My HDMI cable runs to my shiny new Sony 32" LCD HDTV  
> (Bravia S-Series) but when I have that plugged in to the Shuttle, I  
> get only video, no audio.  I can also use the standard headphone  
> jack to connect to the RCA L/R on the TV, but still I get only video  
> when the HDMI cable is plugged in and when I unplug the HDMI cable I  
> get just audio (thanks to the headphone-RCA wire).  Meanwhile, I get  
> absolutely nothing over my SPDIF Digital Optical (which runs to my  
> Sony DAV-IS10 Home Theater System) no matter how I set things up.
> Ideally, I would have all audio from the ShuttlePC MythTV going to  
> the Sony Home Theater over the SPDIF Optical and video being carried  
> over HDMI to the Sony TV.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated!
> Thanks,
>      Reid Anderson
> _____________

I am no expert on your tv model, but if it is like my vizio, it cannot  
split audio out from the hdmi interface.  I have to run optical to my  

If it is the motherboard doing it, there may be a bios setting, or  
modprobe options for the module driving the hdmi interface???
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