[mythtv-users] long delays responding to keystrokes and ir events

Darren Hart darren at dvhart.com
Wed Dec 31 18:42:49 UTC 2008

I've built a new HD myth system using an HDHomeRun tuner.  I notice
that after I start playing a video, a few seconds in Myth will stop
responding to keystrokes and IR events, it will ignore them for
upwards of a minute and then process them all at once (often escaping
all the way out to the "Really quit myth" screen b/c I pushed Esc so
many times :-).  After this happens once, it tends to go away for a
while and I can use the keyboard and/or remote just fine.  I first
thought this might be a lirc issue, but I changed from the audio_alsa
driver hack I was using to the udp driver for the hdhomerun and
recently noticed Myth even ignores the keyboard, not just the remote.

I'm running Myth 0.21 on Ubuntu Intrepid on a dual core AMD 4400 (2+
GHz) with 2 GB of RAM.  Recordings are on an esata drive, which
sometimes takes a few seconds to spin up, but playback is smooth.
While playing back HD streams I notice that the top show 150% total
CPU usage (out of 200% given two CPUs) - Nvidia 8200 so no XvMC...
can't wait for VDPAU!.  I tried running lirc as a SCHED_FIFO 50
process, but that doesn't help (which isn't surprising now that I know
the keyboard is also ignored).  So is there posisbly some problem with
Myth not processing its event loop? (assuming it has such a thing :-)

Any suggestions on what I might do to understand this and fix it would
be much appreciated. WAF--


Darren Hart

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