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Jim Cuzella trinitronx at gmail.com
Wed Dec 31 09:20:43 UTC 2008

William Korb wrote:
> Send I have a new Myth backend with a single pcHDTV-5500 tuner installed, and I am
> having a problem.
> Per the MythTV wiki page for the 5500, I have configured it as a DVB card. After
> doing so, I am easily able to tune all of my available digital channels coming
> in on my QAM-256 cable. However, I have seen multiple references to my tuner's
> "analog settings", even a mention of an "analog button". I see no such button in
> the myth backend setup capture card screen or anywhere else, for that matter.
> I was able to add the analog tuner as a second capture card and configure it as
> v4l, but I don't think that is correct (how would myth know that both tuners are
> the same card, and only one can be used at a time?).
> In the myth-setup capture card setup, I set the card type to "DVB DTV capture
> card (v3.x)" and it then detects DVB Device number 0 and the frontend ID as
> "DViCO v2 or Air2PC v3 or pcHDTV HD-5500 Subtype: ATSC". However, with that
> setting I see no "analog options" or "analog button" or anything of the sort.
> You can see a screen-snap of my setup screen here:
> http://www.qisc.com/tmp/pchdtv5500-mythsetup.gif
> See, no "analog" anything.
> Am I simply looking in the wrong place, or have I done something fundamentally
> wrong?
> Forgive the noob...this is my first MythTV endeavor.
> Thanks in advance for any insight you may be able to offer.


I just recently got a pcHDTV 5500 card for my own MythTV project, and
have been trying to figure out how to get both tuners working and be
able to switch between them.  So far I've got the ATSC tuner working
correctly, and I'm able to view and capture the nice new digital ATSC
signal very nicely.  However, I have DirecTV with a D12-100 set top box
as well.  I would like to be able to capture both the HD ATSC signal for
my local channels through the coaxial input, as well as the analog
output from the DirecTV STB through S-Video.  How do I get audio from
the STB to the pcHDTV card though?

So far I've got the fabled "directv.pl" script working on my system, and
am able to control the STB fine from MythTV over the serial connection. 
I've just been trying to figure out how to get both tuners working.  It
seems like you're saying to use two different drivers for the card?  Is
this setup likely to go away in the future?  From most of what I've read
online, the v4l drivers seem to be not as preferred as the DVB ones for
this card.  From this, it also seemed like the v4l drivers might be
obsoleted at some point?

From what I understand the card has two tuners, cx8800 for digital, and
__?__ for analog?  It seems to me that as far as the architecture goes,
the DVB drivers would be better off if they supported both.  It would
also be good if MythTV knew about this, and strange double-driver
hackery wasn't needed to get them both working.

I'm usually used to using one driver per PCI card at a time, and having
to switch between two isn't usually fun.  (Anyone who's messed with an
intel 3945abg card and the iwl3945 vs. ipwraw drivers knows what I'm
talking about.)  What is the other tuner called, and is there any reason
why two drivers are needed other than the hardware support for the
analog tuner is not in DVB?

How does MythTV know not to grab exclusive access of the card, so
constant (modprobe/rmmod)-ing is unneeded?

I guess I'm just worried about keeping the box working for a long time
in the future ;-).

Jim C.

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