[mythtv-users] Does MythTV support HD video and media libraries

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Tue Dec 30 21:16:43 UTC 2008

> > For ease of setup, use Mythbuntu. It's a streamlined Ubuntu install that
> has
> > some nice tools to configure the system for you. So you don't have to
> worry
> > about the database etc.. Works great here. You still use the standard
> Ubuntu
> > repositories, and it's a real Ubuntu install, just cut back for you so
> you
> > don't have to do it manually.
> I tried those things, and did not like it, I prefer everything to be
> "Ubuntu" that is customized with my scripts.
I use my mythtv backend for multiple other things. So I usually just install
Ubuntu and get it setup how I like. Then I install the mythbuntu packages
from the ubuntu repositories to get a nice clean mythtv setup with minimal
effort on my part. You may want to look at the mythbuntu-desktop and
mythbuntu-control-centre packages. The first will install everything you
need for a mythtv system. Including a lightweight xfce session if you want
to use it that way. The second will give you the mythbuntu control center
app which gives you a nice gui for most of the setup things you would want
to deal with. With this setup, I usually just let the system login to the
mythbuntu xfce session and run mythtv that way. If I need to do other stuff,
I will just log into my default ubuntu gnome session. It works great.
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