[mythtv-users] Lifeview flydvb-t hybrid question

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Tue Dec 30 20:36:32 UTC 2008

Hello Miroslav,

thanks for this information. I'm speaking about dvb-t and I'm using
the saa7134 module with the same options, with a custom Debian kernel
(this is not the problem, I also tried with a Mythbuntu live cd, and
it's working). Today I tried with a different antenna cable and the
situation is a little better, unc values of tzap are near to zero.
I've read some good reviews of AVerMedia DVB-T 771. It has good tuning
performances, but it lacks the MPEG2 decoder. Anyone has some
experience with that board?


2008/12/30, Miroslav Suchý <miroslav at suchy.cz>:
> Matteo Lanati napsal(a):
>> Hi,
>> I successfully installed the dvb board above mentioned (it was hard to
>> find out the right firmware file), but it is not working properly.
> Which kernel module you use and which parameters you use? I'm using this
> one:
> # cat /etc/modprobe.d/saa7134
> options saa7134 i2c_scan=1 card=94 tuner=54
>> Video is full of artifacts and audio too has problems. Using tzap I
>> noticed that signal and snr values are quite stable and high (a0a0 and
>> fefe, respectively), but ber is not so satisfasctory (14xx - 1dxx) and
>> unstable. I'm using the antenna on the roof (not a portable one) and
>> analog TV is ok.
> I'm assuming you are speaking about dvb-t signal.
>> Is it possible that this board has poor reception capability?
> No, I use it with portable antenna and I have good signal. I only has
> problem to get this card working with distribution kernel. When I
> compile my own and included firmware it start working and I have no
> problem since then.
> Miroslav Suchy

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