[mythtv-users] Does MythTV support HD video and media libraries

Igor Chudov igor at chudov.com
Tue Dec 30 14:19:17 UTC 2008

First let me say that installation of MythTV under Ubuntu 8.10 is not
exactly straightforward. I am a sysadmin with years of Linux and MySQL
experience, and yet installing that stuff (via apt-get) and then
configuring was a big pain. After about an hour of screwing around, I
finally realized that it did not set up any database or permissions
and was able to just configure MySQL databases by hand by issuing
various "create database" and "grant" commands, editing mysql.txt,
etc, something that I think the distro should do. Anyhow, this is
mostly a complaint about Ubuntu. I think that I got that to work. 

Now that I got this off my chest, here's my question. It pertains to
use of an "entertainment PC" that I set up next to my big screen LCD TV.

1. Does MythTV support HD video such as satellite video. If so, what
capture card (component input, I guess?) and IR transmitter would you
suggest that would "just work out of the box".

I am specifically not interested in anything that will not work out of
the box.

1a. Bonus question is that we happen to have two satellite feeds (Dish
Network and DirecTV) and supporting two feeds would be awesome, if

2. Does MythTV support having a media library (libraries), that is,
file system repositories of videos and music, playlists etc. I was
hoping to find a solution that would let me use MythTV as that main 10
foot interface to support all media viewing that I may want to do. 

My platform is Ubuntu 8.10.


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