[mythtv-users] Media Server Advice Required

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Tue Dec 30 18:33:43 UTC 2008


In the New Year I would like to setup a MythTV installation to aid our viewing pleasure :)

The wife and I have about 150 DVDs and 200 CDs that we would like to always be available on demand.

I have a server at present, but shall be installing a office cabinet and a few rackmount servers.  I intend to setup a dedicated storage server with 4 x 1TB disks in a RAID5 configuration.

Now comes the question, what sort of media machine would we require by the TV ? We do not have HD at the moment, but a decent 40" plasma so what would we require in respect of a TV/graphics card ? We have a existing Denon DVD/Home Cinema setup so I presume we could use that for sound ?  Digital TV is handled by Virgin Media.

With respect to streaming we are only half wired, so I guess wireless is out of the question, but home about these ethernet over mains devices ?

Any help would be gratefully received, and we hope you all had a wonderful xmas and lots of techy goodies from Santa :)

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