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ryan patterson ryan.goat at gmail.com
Tue Dec 30 02:20:41 UTC 2008

On Mon, Dec 29, 2008 at 2:18 PM, David George <david at thegeorges.us> wrote:
> A lot of people have been asking about it, so I thought it best to just
> post a message to the list to let everyone know that we have stopped
> development of the HD component video capture device.  We may still
> release all or part of it as a hobbyist project, but the hardware cost
> of materials was too high to make a competitive product.  The device
> itself was based on an Arm processor with Analog video compression chips
> (required two of them for 1080i) and a TI video processing chip.  We
> were also considering an Arm-based frontend using the same chips that
> would decompress the MJPEG2000 and output component/DVI/HDMI, but with
> the amount of MPEG2 and H264 material that just wasn't a good option.
> The final nail in the coffin came with the nVidia VDPAU release.  Now
> that low-power machines will soon be able to decode H264 (in addition to
> MPEG2) it just no longer makes sense to develop this as a product.
> Thank you to everyone that showed interest.  I am sorry we weren't able
> to produce a cost-effective product.
> --
> David George
> Hark Technologies
> http://pvrcompanion.com

That is too bad to hear you are stopping development.

In light of the nVidia VDPAU developments it certainly makes sense to
transition your project to create an HD H264 hardware encoder (simular
to hauppauge HDPVR) that connects over Ethernet (not USB).  That
device would appeal to me more then the hauppauge box.

Either way thanks for putting in the effort you did.
Ryan Patterson

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