[mythtv-users] Mythtv and Choice Hotels

David Brieck Jr. dbrieck at gmail.com
Tue Dec 30 01:55:02 UTC 2008

On Mon, Dec 29, 2008 at 8:15 PM, <mons37318 at mypacks.net> wrote:
> I haven't managed the filtering/foldering thing with this list (mostly cauese it overloaded webmail, which I use a lot, and webmail doesn't filter, so i switched the list to another address - real address is pam at bakulanews.com )
> translation of previous papagraph:
> if you reply to the list, i may never see the reply. i would try harder to look for a reply, but this really isn't a question. if you want me to *see* a reply, try cc'ing me
> someone has probably already mentioned this but just in case
> I recently drove from FL to Mass, with my roommate. (well, sort of - his insurance company won't let me drive his car and mine won't make it to Mass, so *he* drove and I rode along)
> something I noticed along the way
> earthlink won't allow (connections?) to port 80 so our mythweb is on port 8080
> tried to get online from various Choice Hotels (3, in three different cities and levels - el cheapo, pretty okay, and Wow, it's a Suite!)
> couldn't connect.
> had brother check at home
> no probs at home
> argued a bit
> someone may have suggested adding :8080 to url
> got different error message
> argued more (the order of these events is fuzzy in my head)
> I suggested some firewall thingy at the hotel might be screwing with the port, not allowing me to connect
> we decided that was the case.
> so, if you are traveling and recording, you might want to either choose a hotel that does not belong to the choice hotels chain, or you might want to gripe to them in advance
> also, was unable to reach vnc via port 5900 (that could have been me - it's possible it's 5901 or 5902 - we have a couple of linux and a couple of Windows machines here, and I forget which one is which.)
> anyway it was annoying and you are the only people who i knew would "feel my pain" - and might care, at some point in your travels, so I thought i would post it.
> got to my friend's house and mythweb worked just fine - alas, wasn't able to connect to their wireless, ended up using wired ethernet, and then reinstalling the drivers to my wireless on my laptop in a hotel in delaware, at 3am (where i was, once again, unable to access mythweb - thus verifying a Choice Hotels-wide problem) as, apparently, my friend's hubby did something ugly to my wireless... configuration thingie.
> uninstall, stick card back in. driver reinstalled itself. (computer rang mercilessly during all of this, waking my half dead roomie, till i could finally get it booted and shut off the darn speakers - something which seems impossible to do via hardware on this particlar machine)
> --
> Pam from Boston

Were you able to SSH into your server at home? If you are able to do
that, you can forward ports over the SSH connection. The other thing
you can do is setup openvpn and use that to connect directly to your
home network. Since it's a VPN connection you are less likely to have
it blocked since they wouldn't want to upset their business customers.

When staying at a hotel I never use their connection directly, instead
I either VPN into another network with a proxy server and use the
proxy or SSH into another network and forward the proxy port and
access the internet that way.

If you're connecting directly you have no idea what the hotel is doing
or who else might be illicitly sniffing traffic to steal passwords,
cookies, etc. Same goes for wi-fi.


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