[mythtv-users] Analog and Digital - Do i have this straight?

Harry Devine lifter89 at comcast.net
Mon Dec 29 22:23:08 UTC 2008

Teruel de Campo MD wrote:
> On Sat, 2008-12-27 at 10:34 -0700, Greg Woods wrote:
>> That means a set-top box in places where the majority
>> of channels are encrypted (such as Comcast in Denver/Boulder).
> Guys,
> I'm pretty confused what direction to go. 
> I have  pvr 350 which works great and I bought a Hauppauge HDPV and a
> HD-5500 Pc card but ther are in their boxes. The only thing I have
> connected it the old pvr-350 and trying to figure out the rest. I do
> live in Denver. Here something of interest.
> I have a long online chat with one the tech from Comcast. For what I
> discussed with her:
> 1. They will keep a basic packages of channels as we have now analog but
> they will be digital. The channels will be basically the same channels
> we have now.
> 2. Any of these digital channels can be seen with any tv with a quam
> tunner without the need of a comcast box so they are not scramble. 
> 3. Some channels as we have now are scramble and they will need the
> comcast box. 
> 4. I did not ask about  the digital to analog conversion because I did
> not know it. I though if you have an analog tv then you need a box with
> the tunner (comcast box) to use it. 
> 5. Does any of you are using either HDPVR or the pcHDTV hd-5500 card?
> I was so happy with the low definition analog tv..........:-(
> -=terry=-
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I have a pcHDTV 5500 card with Comcast in Southern New Jersey (near 
Atlantic City).  I can pick up what I call the Analog channels, which is 
basically 2->99.  I can also get the Over-the-Air channels, which 
amounts to mainly the broadcast networks in both SD and HD (ABC, CBS, 
etc, as well as PBS, etc.).  If I want to have access to a channel other 
than these, like USA-HD for example, I need to use something like 
Firewire from my Comcast DCT-3412 STB.  Any channel that Comcast sends 
me that is above 100 and not considered OTA needs to be received via 
Firewire.  I have found that my Firewire connection isn't very stable, 
and I am strongly considering moving to the HD-PVR and trunk builds.  
But that's another story for another day. :-)

I hope this helps you somewhat.

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