[mythtv-users] How can I disable this "feature"?

Marc Barrett mnealbarrett at cox.net
Mon Dec 29 12:40:44 UTC 2008

There is a "feature" of MythTV that I would like to somehow 
disable.  I have a firewire connection to a Moto DCH-3200, and
whenever the backend starts up (on a reboot, for instance) the
backend changes the channel to whatever was being watched 
the last time a frontend was used.  This is very, very annoying
if someone is watching the TV, having the channel changed 
without doing anything at all.  Very "not wife-friendly".  

I'd like some suggestions on how I can disable this "feature".
Perhaps by patching the code.  If I don't get any good suggestions,
I will post this over on the dev list and see what I can get there.

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