[mythtv-users] BBC Timing issues

Mike Holden mythtv at mikeholden.org
Mon Dec 29 02:43:39 UTC 2008

Paul Gardiner wrote:
> Mike Holden wrote:
>> Soft padding is set in TV Settings -> General, 4th screen, in the "Time
>> to
>> record before start of show" and "Time to record past end of show"
>> prompts. These values are in seconds, and will only be used when the
>> same
>> tuner isn't recording another program immediately before or after.
> Is it not used even if the tuner's subsequent use is from the same MUX?

I didn't want to over-complicate the description by getting into the whole
area of cards, inputs, tuners, channels, virtual tuners etc. It's not easy
to give a simple yes or no answer without giving paragraphs of supporting
information, all of which is available if you look for it!

Even your use of the phrase "Is it not used" could confuse, depending on
your interpretation of the answer and my interpretation of the question,
given a simple yes or no answer :-)

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