[mythtv-users] BBC Timing issues

Mike Holden mythtv at mikeholden.org
Sun Dec 28 12:15:47 UTC 2008

ub40dd wrote:
> What's the difference between soft and hard padding and how/where do you
> set
> them? I only recall a setting along the lines of "start xx minutes
> early/late" and "end yy mins early/late" under scheduling options.

Hard padding is set explicitly on each individual recording. It is set in
the "Scheduling Options" menu while setting up a recording. The 3rd and
4th options on that screen set the number of minutes early or late to
start and end the recording. You can set the default values for this in
the Recording Priorities setup screen.

Soft padding is set in TV Settings -> General, 4th screen, in the "Time to
record before start of show" and "Time to record past end of show"
prompts. These values are in seconds, and will only be used when the same
tuner isn't recording another program immediately before or after.
Mike Holden

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