[mythtv-users] streamzap remote veerryy ssllooww

Greg Bryant greg at bryantrecording.com
Sat Dec 27 00:58:40 UTC 2008

I've just started playing with MythTV, so I don't know if this is 
expected behavior or not, but when I am at a menu, and do an arrow up or 
down or select (ok) with the Streamzap PC Remote, it's a full second 
between key press and action.  If I hit it three times down rapidly, it 
sits there for a second, then the cursor bounces down three entries, so 
it's not losing key hits, and it's not a matter of processing each hit 
slowly.  While a video is actually playing, stop/pause/play are all as 
fast as needed, but the menus are really bad.  Is this a config thing, 
or inherent in the interface?


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