[mythtv-users] BBC Timing issues

Stephen Bridges widget at stdin.co.uk
Fri Dec 26 22:28:12 UTC 2008

I've been running a MythTV system for a few years now, previously with two 
Nova-Ts but now with a Nova-S2 instead as I've moved somewhere with no 
freeview signal.  In the last few weeks BBC transmissions have been getting 
later and later for me.  i run ntpd and I have compared my clock with the 
transmitted time (using dvbdate --print) and am within a second of the 

However I've noticed Top Gear getting later and later in the 1:05 minutes I 
tape to grab the program, and after lengthening the time to record for 
programs after finishing to 8 odd minutes now, the programs taped over 
Christmas day were still too late.

Is BBC getting later, or is it just me?


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