[mythtv-users] intel and opengl playback

Anthony Arobone aaroboneml at gmail.com
Fri Dec 26 22:21:38 UTC 2008


I'm having a problem getting Myth to use the opengl profile for playback.
It keeps falling back to xv playback.  I'm running Gentoo (2.6.28) on Intel
X4500HD (G45) video.  Running the newest test driver,
xf86-video-intel- from x11 overlay, xorg-server-1.5.3.  and lastest
mesa master, mesa-9999.

I'm seeing massive horizontal tearing when playing back 1080 content (even
with VSync checked).  When I test with mplayer using -vo xv I get the same
tearing.  But, when I use mplayer -vo gl  OR mplayer -vo gl2 there is
absolutely no tearing.  glxinfo reports direct rendering: Yes, and glxgears
works fine.  But when I setup a playback profile in myth frontend to use
opengl it fails to initialize it and falls back to XV.

VideoOutputXv: Desired video renderer 'opengl' not available.
>                         codec 'MPEG2' makes 'xv-blit,xshm,xlib,' available,
> using 'xv-blit' instead.

I have opengl compiled into mythtv:
[ebuild   R   ] media-tv/mythtv-0.21_p18314-r1  USE="aac alsa dvb dvd fftw
lirc mmx opengl perl python xvmc (-altivec) -autostart -debug -directv
-ieee1394 -jack -lcd" VIDEO_CARDS="-nvidia" 0 kB

I'm even using the opengl renderer for the QT painter, and that's workig
great.  Blends nicely from menu to menu.

Any idea why this is happening?
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