[mythtv-users] MythArchive issues ... No more queue slots??

Paul Harrison mythtv at sky.com
Thu Dec 25 23:56:10 UTC 2008

Brad DerManouelian wrote:
> On Dec 25, 2008, at 3:13 PM, A JM wrote:
>> Sorry about that Brad, the filetype is an MPEGTS and I'm choosing  
>> not to Re-Encode the file since in the past that worked perfectly...
> MPEGTS could mean a lot of things depending on what the broadcaster  
> felt like putting in that mpeg transport stream. I'm guessing this  
> particular file contains streams that are in some way different than  
> the ones that worked in the past. Enable the option to re-encode and  
> see how it works.
Or you could try using ProjectX as the demuxer - there is a setting on 
MythArchive's settings pages to switch to ProjectX to do the commercial 
cutting and/or demuxing.
>> " If it used to work, try figuring out what has changed from when it  
>> worked to when it stopped working. Did you change any settings?"
>> The difference is SVN versions from I believe 15873 to 18700.
>> One strange thing I'm noticing is that even if I delete the  
>> recording temporary files the archive program still remembers the  
>> file I was going to archive? That also has changed since the last  
>> time I used it.
> I'm not sure, but since you're running svn, then you're obviously  
> following along with the -dev and -commit lists so you know all the  
> things that have changed between 15873 and 18700.
> -Brad
Nothing has changed its working has it always has done. If the DVD is 
completed successfully then the selected files are removed from the DB. 
If it fails for some reason it leaves the same files in the DB so you 
can try again.

Paul H.

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