[mythtv-users] Dynamic Clocking and stuttering

John Andrunas john at andrunas.net
Thu Dec 25 06:21:32 UTC 2008

I think that by default powernowd doesn't switch up until it hits 80% cpu,
and switches down at <20% CPU, I changed mine to switch at 60% so that I
don't get hit by spikes as bad.  I still see it from time to time, but it is
usually very transient .

On Wed, Dec 24, 2008 at 9:43 PM, Michael T. Dean <mtdean at thirdcontact.com>wrote:

> On 12/24/2008 03:39 PM, Allen Edwards wrote:
> > I enabled dynamic clocking on my AMD 5400+ FE-BE and see that the CPU
> > goes down to 1000 most of the time.  Great!  Except my wife has been
> > complaining about the program stuttering.  I saw it this morning and
> > it is similar to what I see on my 2.4G-P4 FE.  The show will stutter
> > but if you exit the show and re-enter on the bookmark, all is fine.
> >
> > Before I just get rid of dynamic clocking, I thought I would see if
> > anyone on the list could add any insight.
> >
> > I searched the archives back to April and didn't see anything there
> > either.  Nothing on Google on stuttering and dynamic clocking and I
> > didn't have luck with other searches either.
> Different governor.  (And, no, I'm not talking state politics.)
> Mike
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