[mythtv-users] Problems installing nvidia video drivers on Fedora

Andrew Robinson awrobinson-ml at nc.rr.com
Thu Dec 25 04:27:11 UTC 2008

John Nissley wrote:
> I just upgraded my slave back end to fedora and 
> everything went fine until I tried to install the video drivers.
> I have used the Wilsonet instructions to do the installation.  Even 
> though they are out dated they still appear to work well.
> The wilsonet directions have you create a $KVER environment variable so 
> that is what I use to do my yum upgrades.
> Here is my video card information:  nVidia Corporation NV34 [GeForce FX 
> 5200]
> Here is the command I try to run to install the video drivers. 
> yum -y install nvidia-graphics71.86.07-kmdl-$KVER
> yum -y install nvidia-graphics71.86.07
> Here is the error I receive: No package 
> nvidia-graphics71.86.07-kmdl- available.
> Any assistance would be appreciated. This list has been great help to me 
> in the past.
I was installing Fedora 9 about the same time and had the same problem. 
If you look on the atrpms.net web site, the kmdl packages are not there 
for the recent nvidia versions. I don't know why Axel hasn't added those.

Andrew Robinson

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