[mythtv-users] linux, dnsmasq, and HD HomeRun

Desktopj desktop at theboatexchange.com
Wed Dec 24 17:03:12 UTC 2008

Geoffrey Leach wrote:
> If anyone is using the dnsmasq DHCP server to give an HD HomeRun its IP 
> address, I'd appreciate some assistance.
> Here's the setup.
> I'm attempting to configure dnsmasq to provide an IP address for the 
> HDHR connected to the ethernet port, eth0. There's a wireless router as 
> well.
> /etc/hosts
> hdhr.mtranch.com hdhr
> /etc/dnsmasq.conf changes
> dhcp-host=00:18:DD:01:4A:E7,,hdhr,infinite
> NetworkManager is used to connect to the local network via the wireless 
> connect. It.s at
> The HDHR sits with its connect led blinking
1. I used dnsmasq (from my local network router) when setting up MythTV, 
I just let hdhr pickup an ip address without making any changes to to 
either hosts or dnsmasq.conf.

MythTV (via the hdhr drivers) will located your hdhr.

2. Make sure that you don't  have two dhcp servers showing up on the 
network (dnsmasq server and your wireless router).

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