[mythtv-users] Mac OS X - Cannot connect to the master backend server

Junk Bin oldjunkbin at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 24 01:13:31 UTC 2008


My Config
Mac Mini (Intel)
OS X 10.5.6 
MythTV v.21 built from binaries
BackEnd & FrontEnd run on the same machine
mySQL 5.1.3

- I'm new to Mac & MythTV
- mySQL running fine - followed directions in the Wiki HowTo for configuring mySQL
- HDHomeRun appears to be working just fine through the SiliconDust HD GUI
- configured Myth backend server as best I knew how and was able to determine from the Wiki HowTo 
- set the proper IP in the Backend and Front End General Settings.

I go to the Frontend server to Watch TV and get the "Cannot connect to the master Backend Server"

1) Anybody have any ideas why this maybe happening?  Am I missing a configuration setting?
2) Where are the log files kept?  I can't seem to find the log files for MythTv on OS X, I've looked in: /var/log/mythtv (doesn't exist) and /var/tmp/mythtv (doesn't exist); I've also tried (at the prompt): <mythbackend -l> and get <-bash: mythbackend: command not found>
3) I found the following post (http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-570073.html) and thought I would try removing ~/.mythtv/mysql.txt and  /home/mythtv/.mythtv/mysql.txt --- BUT I'm unable to find these files or paths 


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