[mythtv-users] FIOS anyone?

Jonny B jon.the.wise.gdrive at gmail.com
Tue Dec 23 04:14:34 UTC 2008

> I want to try and get the output from the STB into MythTV. I am using
> composite video (yellow) out of the STB into the HVR-1950. I am thought
> I tried all the options (V4L, DVB, etc) for the driver and then channel
> type (cable, us-bcast, etc).
> MythTV will sense a signal and add the channel, but when I try to watch
> it from the STB, I get a black screen. And it is VERY slow responding.
> I would *expect* to tune to channel 3 on the HVR-1950 and set the STB to
> the channel to watch. But that hasn't worked.
> Any pointers (google hasn't helped) are welcome.

Okay, let me make sure I'm reading this right. You have FIOS, and you
want to plug your RCA cables (red and white for audio, yellow for
video) into your tuner card, and record off the settop box?

In mythtv setup, you need to associate the composite input with a
lineup, and not the tuner. The tuner takes a coaxial input and tunes
the frequencies. If you don't have anything hooked up to it, and have
the tuner set to channel 3, you will be tuning a blank channel. If you
have a coax going from the STB to the tuner, then you should be able
to tune channel 3 or 4 (depending on the STB settings), but without a
coax hooked up to your tuner card, it will not 'tune' anything.

Check your connections, and make sure you're trying to record off the
right input.


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