[mythtv-users] hdhomerun failure?

Greg Woods greg at gregandeva.net
Mon Dec 22 23:03:20 UTC 2008

Just wondering if anyone has seen this. My HDhomerun has suddenly
failed. The symptoms are that it makes very choppy, pixelated recordings
with audio stutter. It's unwatchable. This started suddenly; one day it
was working fine, the next, it had gone bad.

My PVR-500 is still working fine. The digital channels that the
HDhomerun gets are received fine by the Motorola STB and the TV's
digital tuner. The problem occurs on both tuners, one of which is
connected to the cable and the other to an OTA antenna. I have tried
rebooting the HDhomerun, all the network switches, and upgrading the
firmware on the HDhomerun, but nothing helps. 

Is my HDhomerun toast? I am tempted to order a new one to see if that
fixes the problem and return it if it turns out to not be the current
HDhomerun, but then I have to pay a restocking fee, and if the blasted
things are going to fail every two years, I might want to look for a
different HD tuner.

Anybody else seen anything like this?


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