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On Sat, Dec 20, 2008 at 3:51 PM, Brad DerManouelian
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> On Dec 20, 2008, at 5:23 AM, A JM wrote:
> > I've tried numerous places to change the font in the Program guide
> > but I'm not having any luck... I've found where to increse or reduce
> > the number of rows that show up but where can I make the font change?
> The font is dictated by the theme. Take a look in the base.xml file of
> the theme you're using. (There is no way to change it in the GUI -
> fonts are explicitly chosen by the theme designer to match the theme
> and aren't meant to be changed by end users.)
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Thanks for the reply Brad.

If I wanted to modify the theme how will I know what font sizes to change?


  <window name="backgroundwindow">
    <imagetype name="backimg">

    <font name="small" face="Trebuchet MS">

    <font name="medium" face="Trebuchet MS">

    <font name="large" face="Trebuchet MS">

    <font name="clock" face="Trebuchet MS">

    <clock name="clock">
      <format>%DATE%, %TIME%</format>
<!--      <colonflash>yes</colonflash>
      <secondflash>yes</secondflash> -->


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