[mythtv-users] ringbuf in memory?

Scott Harris scott at webhounds.net
Fri Dec 19 00:21:35 UTC 2008

Bill Williamson wrote:
>     >
>     Ah yeah, had forgot all about the solid state drives.  Yeah, this
>     is for
>     live tv only.  While
>     the rest of the family never watches live tv, the in-laws are on their
>     way for the holidays
>     and I have some lagging latency issues when watching live tv that I
>     thought maybe faster
>     ringbuf access might fix.
>     Thanks for the reply.
> What kinds of "lagging" issues?  LiveTV will always be a few seconds 
> behind "real" live tv.  Or do you mean stuttering?

I have what appear to be the usual problems with live tv: stuttering
and slow program guide. The problem I was trying to solve with the
faster ringbuf writing area was the stuttering problem.  I've tried a
lot of the different suggestions that I've found but none of them have
really had any affect.  I was just trying some super crazy alternatives
that maybe no one has ever thought about.

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