[mythtv-users] Video menus are washed out on OS X frontend

Matt Emmott memmott at gmail.com
Thu Dec 18 02:37:04 UTC 2008

I have an issue with my Mac OS X .21 frontend (binary from TheSniderPad.com)
- The menu items are white and washed out, either in the settings or when I
attempt to shut down Myth. Its so bad that I occasionally choose the option
to shut down the machine rather than just quit Myth, because I can't see the

My current machine is an Intel-based Macbook with Intel X3100 graphics, but
I had the same issue with my GMA940-based Mac Mini. Since I've had the issue
twice in a row I assume others have had the same issues but so far my
searches haven't turned anything up. Is there anything I can do to fix this
or is it a 'feature' with the Mac front end?
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