[mythtv-users] Can I receive UDP streams from IPTV provider that does IGMP snooping directly on network card without going through igmp capable switch ?

Robert Rozman robert.rozman at comutel.si
Wed Dec 17 23:47:24 UTC 2008


I'm using mythtv ver 0.20 and it can only receive rtsp streams for iptv. 
That's why I'm trying to setup vlc as rtsp server as intermediate device. It 
receives udp streams on network card and servers them further as rtsp to 
local LAN. The problem is that my network card is connected directly to IPTV 
port on my gateway... I spot a problem with VLC and my system cause it sends 
proper igmp packets on join and leave from multicast stream, but doesn't 
respond to periodic IGMP queries from IPTV server and stream dies out after 
few unsucessful IGMP queries...

I'm curious if mythtv from 0.21 will be able to solve this problem with igmp 
snooping. I know that UDP multicast could be received with this upgrade, but 
I'm not sure if mythtv will deal with IGMP queries properly ?

Anyone with more experiences on this matter ?

Thanks in advance,



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