[mythtv-users] Database update schema error with trunk utf8

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Wed Dec 17 21:00:46 UTC 2008

On 12/17/2008 03:44 PM, Tom Dexter wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 16, 2008 at 11:11 PM, Michael T. Dean wrote:
>> If I'm correct about -latin1 disabling latin1 support, is that a
>> standard flag used on Gentoo systems?  If so, you're likely not the only
>> one who will experience this problem (and I'd now guess that the users
>> commenting on #5070 had the exact same problem).
> I use Gentoo.  Mine has that USE flag disabled as well.  That doesn't
> disable latin1 support as far as I can see...I believe it just affects
> the default encoding.:
> equery uses mysql
> - - latin1      : Use LATIN1 encoding instead of UTF8
> --------------
> --------------
> +---------+----------------------+-------------------+--------+
> | Charset | Description          | Default collation | Maxlen |
> +---------+----------------------+-------------------+--------+
> | latin1  | cp1252 West European | latin1_swedish_ci |      1 |
> +---------+----------------------+-------------------+--------+
> 1 row in set (0.00 sec)

Yep.  We've (finally) verified that, now.  It took a lot of guidance 
from Janne and a lot of people in IRC helping (by running tests for) us 
to figure out the details.  Now, we're hoping to figure out how to deal 
with database servers that were configured to use the wrong charset.

Also, I'd recommend *against* changing things at this point, though.  If 
you're a Gentoo user and you're /just starting/ to use Myth--i.e. you 
have no mythconverg database--you should emerge mysql /with/ the latin1 
use flag (so it doesn't set a server default of utf8--do /not/ use 
-latin1).  If you have /any/ mythconverg data, you probably should keep 
using Myth as you have been for a couple of years--don't change your 
mysql configuration--to give us time to figure out how to deal with the 

Note, also, that the "partial/new-hardware restore" instructions at 
http://mythtv.org/docs/mythtv-HOWTO-23.html#ss23.7 are wrong and will 
corrupt your database, so please do not follow them.  I'll be updating 
the restore script to fix the issue.


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