[mythtv-users] 2 capture cards: want 1 dedicated to live TV, other to recording

James Miller gajs-f0el at dea.spamcon.org
Wed Dec 17 18:21:35 UTC 2008

Michael T. Dean wrote:

> You'll need to do the capture card portion (but don't need to do the 
> video source portion--though doing both doesn't hurt and may be 
> beneficial in the future if your video source ID's aren't contiguous and 
> starting with 1).

I actually have only one video source, so not re-doing it looks pretty 
safe in my case.

> Though, really, you probably don't need to (or want to) set input 
> priorities--you're better off just defining them in order and enabling 
> "Avoid conflicts".
> As I mentioned before, setting input priorities may cause your system to 
> not record shows you want it to record...  Read section 12.6 of the 
> HOWTO for details.

I looked over the links you provided--thanks for bringing them to my 
attention. I have to admit that the first one (about capture card 
priorities) is a bit over my head. It assumes a certain basic level of 
knowledge that I don't have and to really understand what's written there 
I'd have to search for other literature that explains some of the concepts 
I'm having difficulty with. But as I play around with the system, read 
other documentation, then re-read that one, I should begin to understand 
it better.

One question with regard to priority settings. Given that I watch very 
little live TV, and that I also even watch very little recorded TV (2 
hours in any given day is the max), would you say messing with priority 
settings could still cause me problems?

Also, if I understand correctly you're saying that setting up the cards in 
a different order (with the better card being the first one set up), then 
ticking the "avoid conflicts" option is going to result in the system 
functioning pretty much like I want anyway, right? I.e., doing that is 
going to cause the system to use the lesser card for live TV viewing and 
the better card for recording all/most of the time in almost all 
instances. Have I understood you correctly?


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