[mythtv-users] Mytharchive errors

Rod Smith mythtv at rodsbooks.com
Wed Dec 17 16:58:14 UTC 2008

On Wednesday 17 December 2008 11:03:31 am Harry Devine wrote:
> Duh!  I should've known! :-)  OK, I found that if I set the Audio Sync
> value to -20ms, it matches pretty well.  So I ran your transcode script
> and chose -0.02 as the audio delay.

You overlooked something I told you: MythTV and mencoder (and hence my 
transcode script) use opposite meanings of the audio sync adjustment, so if 
you need -20ms in MythTV, you need *positive* 0.02s in mencoder. As a side 
comment, if you can really spot a 20ms audio-sync error, then you've got 
incredibly sensitive perception of such things. It takes about 60ms for me to 
notice the effect. A single video frame is about 33ms.

> I haven't gotten a chance to play 
> it yet, but will tonight.  When I do, and it looks good, how do I go
> about getting Mytharchive to use it?  I know that I can  rename it to
> have the nuv extension, but since Mytharchive wants to transcode it, and
> the file is already transcoded, will that mess anything up?

Tell MythArchive NOT to transcode the file. There are two relevant options:

1) In the MythArchive setup menus, there's an option called "always transcode
   recordings" (or something similar to that). Be sure that option is NOT
   enabled -- if it's enabled, MythArchive will always transcode recordings,
   even if the file is already DVD-ready.

2) When you select the recording to burn to DVD, tell MythArchive not to
   transcode it, rather than set an "SP," "LP," or other "quality" setting.
   The "don't transcode" option (or whatever it's called) won't be present
   if the file is in a non-DVD-compatible format, but my script only provides
   options for DVD-compatible formats, so a file transcoded with my script
   should be OK (with the caveat I mentioned several messages back about the
   Linux tools sometimes flaking out and producing short recordings). If you
   can't seem to select a "don't transcode" option, then check point #1.

I'm pretty sure that MythArchive won't care about the filename extension; it 
checks the file's contents to see if it's in a DVD-ready format.

Rod Smith

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