[mythtv-users] Dec 2008 - State of the Art - Hard Drive Recommendations?

Martin Bene martin.bene at icomedias.com
Wed Dec 17 16:06:16 UTC 2008

Hi Sandy,

> Do you put any stock in this metric for non-desktop drives (like DVR-specific drives)?

Just so far that I see SAS or SCSI Drives marketed for Server use usually show higher Ratings - but cost an arm and a leg.

> Interesting. Any idea what a typical CPU overhead might be for a typical soft raid option?

Depends on your CPU. A Quadcore Q6600 CPU is capable of handling parity calculation at > 4000 MB/s using just one core - this would translate to CPU usage of <1% of one core for the througput needed for an HD recording.

Bye, Martin

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