[mythtv-users] Database update schema error with trunk utf8

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Wed Dec 17 04:11:37 UTC 2008

On 12/16/2008 08:21 PM, freedenizen wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 16, 2008 at 4:19 PM, Michael T. Dean wrote:
>> What distro are you running?  Does the distro do stuff to help set up
>> your database for you?
> I am using gentoo, but I have never installed myth through gentoo,
> always compiled from source.  mysql was install through gentoo with
> the following use flags:
> [ebuild   R   ] dev-db/mysql-5.0.70-r1  USE="berkdb perl ssl
> -big-tables -cluster -debug -embedded -extraengine -latin1
> -max-idx-128 -minimal (-selinux) -static"

And that probably explains why it's broken--your MySQL server is 

Any system that handles MythTV data that was created with a version of 
MythTV that uses database schema version 1215 or before /must/ have 
support for latin1 in the MySQL server.

(Based on my /extremely/ limited knowledge of Gentoo/emerge/use flags, 
it seems that) Since you emerged MySQL with the "-latin1" use flag, you 
disabled latin1 support.  You can verify that you're lacking latin1 
support with:


if you don't get at least 1 row, you're lacking latin1 support.

If you don't have latin1 support, when you created your database, you 
got a broken database schema (that probably used utf8 for the character 
set and may have even used a case sensitive collation).  That means that 
the conversion from the old format to the new format could not proceed 
because the database schema was /not/ in the old format--which would 
have been a database with tables having latin1 as the default character 
set and columns that MySQL believes are latin1 data.

So, most likely MySQL was doing conversions it shouldn't have been doing 
and your data got corrupted.  At that point, Myth can't convert the data 
properly because it's not the data it should be.

I don't know exactly what effect the lack of latin1 support would have 
on other tables, as I felt that removing the latin1 charset (which 
requires destroying the MySQL information_schema database and 
re-initializing the mysql server) was more work than it's worth 
(especially since I then have to undo/fix it again).  So, at this point, 
I'd say the data in your database /may/ be suspect--even in tables other 
than oldprogram and people including some important tables.  (I've 
already mentioned that oldprogram and people aren't that important, but 
I have no idea what effect the lack of latin1 support would have on 
other, important tables.)

If I'm correct about -latin1 disabling latin1 support, is that a 
standard flag used on Gentoo systems?  If so, you're likely not the only 
one who will experience this problem (and I'd now guess that the users 
commenting on #5070 had the exact same problem).


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