[mythtv-users] Working with DVD ISO images

kenneth at berrypatch.net kenneth at berrypatch.net
Tue Dec 16 16:37:29 UTC 2008

> On Tuesday 16 December 2008 08:57:00 kenneth at berrypatch.net wrote:
>> I need some help understanding how to use DVD ISO images.
>> I (somehow) managed to RIP an ISO image from a damaged DVD (GREAT!).  It
>> will play within Myth with everything working including the menus.
>> My main question is I can't figure out how to burn that ISO image to a
>> new
>> DVD.  I have successfully archived videos to the DVD, but I just can't
>> find out how to burn the ISO image.
>> In addition I moved the ISO image to another computer and attempted to
>> use
>> k3b to to burn the image which did not work.  What happened is DVD root
>> menu would try to work I had music, you could tell the menu was changing
>> in response to cursor movement.  But, the video was quite messed up,
>> almost like scrambled.
>> Summary.
>> - Specifically how do I burn an rip'd ISO image to a new DVD?
>> - Should I expect to be able to use other burning software to write the
>> ISO image?
>> - Would it be possible to duplicate a DVD using dd?
> K3b uses the same command line tools that I would have suggested.
> growisofs is
> the standard way to burn a DVD, and that's what Mytharchive and K3b use.

So it sounds like since both k3b and Mytharchive both use growisofs, there
is nothing special or unique about an iso ripped via Mtyh, correct?
This then implies that I should be able to move the ISO to another
computer and burn via K3b. (correct me if I'm wrong)

> Does K3b work for you with a known-good ISO? Since the ISO seems to work
> for
> you I have to assume the disk image is good.

I know that k3b CAN play an encyrpted DVD, and I have been able to mount
the ISO mentioned above via losetup and play the ISO image using k3b.  So
I am fairly confident it is a good ISO image.  Yet when I burned that same
image using k3b the resulting DVD would not play correctly.  I will try
your suggestion below of trying a slower speed.

> You might try burning at a slower speed, that sometimes helps.
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BUT my what I really want to know is how to have Myth burn the image onto
a DVD with out moving the ISO to another computer.  I feel like I must be
looking over something obvious.  Can someone point me to an howto, or
explain this process.  I have spent 2-3 hours messing around in
Mytharchive and I just don't get it.


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