[mythtv-users] Working with DVD ISO images

kenneth at berrypatch.net kenneth at berrypatch.net
Tue Dec 16 15:57:00 UTC 2008

I need some help understanding how to use DVD ISO images.

I (somehow) managed to RIP an ISO image from a damaged DVD (GREAT!).  It
will play within Myth with everything working including the menus.

My main question is I can't figure out how to burn that ISO image to a new
DVD.  I have successfully archived videos to the DVD, but I just can't
find out how to burn the ISO image.

In addition I moved the ISO image to another computer and attempted to use
k3b to to burn the image which did not work.  What happened is DVD root
menu would try to work I had music, you could tell the menu was changing
in response to cursor movement.  But, the video was quite messed up,
almost like scrambled.

- Specifically how do I burn an rip'd ISO image to a new DVD?
- Should I expect to be able to use other burning software to write the
ISO image?
- Would it be possible to duplicate a DVD using dd?


Kenneth Berry

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