[mythtv-users] MvixPVR has component input

jarpublic at gmail.com jarpublic at gmail.com
Tue Dec 16 15:16:41 UTC 2008

> >
> http://myces.bdmetrics.com/PDT-345420/Mvix-USA-Inc-/MvixPVR-Media-Center-PVR/MvixPVR.aspx
> > http://www.mvix.net/default.asp
> their web sites seems very IE only. or at least it doesnt play well with
> firefox or konqueror
> so its hard to tell..

I viewed it in firefox 3 on windows and everything looks fine. Although it
does seem to use a lot of flash, maybe that is the issue. There isn't much
info there. There does seem to be community sites with a lot of activity
around  their other media streaming products.
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