[mythtv-users] Myth2Ipod Problems: held off as long as I could.

Douglas Wagner douglasw0 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 15 20:16:11 UTC 2008

I held off on this post as long as I could, but I think at this point I need
to ask the community for help.

So to start: I am trying to get a recording to export to iPod format (mp4 to
be exact) using the Myth2iPod script.  And I'm running into SIGNIFICANT
problems doing so.

First, and foremost, http://myth2ipod.com no longer exists...meaning this
entire script can no longer be reproduced since 3/4 of the needed stuff came
from that site.  I do still have the tools and utilities and some minor
documentation (I kick myself every time I don't store a website like this
locally, what's with all these needed and used websites going offline these
days anyway?), so I proceeded forward.

Next I start running into nuvexport problems.

     No config found; attempting to find mythbackend via UPnP.
     Not connected to mythbackend.

Do some quick searching and find that nuvexport 0.4 has been outdated for a
while.  So I look at the nuvexport wiki (
http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/Nuvexport) and find where to get it,
most recent is 0.5.

Download 0.5, put it in the right place run nuvexport and now am getting:

     Couldn't find a show on chanid 1111 at the specified time.

Though, of course, the show does exist (I checked the database).

System Information:

MythBuntu: 8.04
Myth Version: 0.21 ( mythbackend version: 0.21.20080304-1 is reported upon
load of mythbackend )
Database Schema Version: 1214
Combined Frontend/Backend (not sure that's important, but there it is).

So, is this just as simple as "you're using the wrong darn version of
nuvexport n00b!" or is there something i'm missing?

Conversely should I be "doing away" with the Myth2iPod stuff and doing
something differently?  The thing I like most about Myth2Ipod is the fact
that it creates a feed useable within iTunes to auto-load this stuff to the
iPod.  I know that's probably pretty basic but it's big for me.

Lastly does anyone have an arcive site for myth2ipod.com or the instructions
from that site?  I'd be happy to put something up publicly accessable as a
"Yea, it's down but here's the information." but I don't have any of the
previous docs.


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