[mythtv-users] slightly OT: no sound

Mary Strimel mary.strimel at gmail.com
Mon Dec 15 19:20:23 UTC 2008

My myth box has been running happily for 70+ days, but now after rebooting
there is no sound.  I don't think it's a myth-specific problem but since my
hardware is similar to other myth users I hope someone here can help me -
other routes have failed.

I have onboard Via sound using Alsa's snd_via82xx driver.  I also have a
PC-HDTV 5500 and a WinTV PVR 250 installed.

There are two weird things I noticed after the reboot (besides the eerie

1) there no /dev/dsp device anymore.  I think myth was using /dev/dsp for
sound; the myth setting is now defaulted to "adsp" but I have no idea what
that is.

2) under xmms, sound *does* work if I select, under the ALSA output, "hw
1,0" but there is no sound in any other program.  Alsamixer shows the Via
sound controller as device 1, and all channels are unmuted / top volume.

I am aware that people on this mailing list have solved issues with PCI
cards being recognized in a different order at boot time, but I how do I
tell if this is actually the problem?  I don't want to be messing around
with settings in "blind" fashion and break something else.

Also, if I determine that it's an issue with the card order, how would I
know which card "should" be detected first?  And why aren't any /dev/dsp
devices being created at all?

Any help with the ANY of the above would be much appreciated!  If it
matters, I have Ubuntu Gutsy 64.
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