[mythtv-users] Playback hangs system

Leonard Bottleman leonard at whiteweasel.net
Mon Dec 15 06:03:24 UTC 2008

Doug Lytle wrote:
 > Sounds like a hardware issues.  Run memtest86 on it to eliminate possibile bad memory, verify your heatsink/fan for the cpu is mounted properly, make sure you haven't dropped any screws in the bottom of the case, that makes contact with the bottom of the board (I've been bitten on this one more then once).

Thanks for the suggestions.

I now also suspect that it's a hardware problem. I had already run
memtest86 on the system when the problems first started, and then
just two days ago for over 12 hours straight without a single error.

Except for one incident, the system has been quite stable when simply
recording or running non-video out related tests. Of course just
yesterday it hung while only recording a program, which was the first
time I've had any issues not directly involving video out.

I'll check the heat sink connection to the CPU again, although I also
did that back after the system had started hanging -- I had also removed
and reinstalled the motherboard, thinking there might be a connection
(or something else) loose and causing trouble.

If there's a motherboard issue, then I need to find a replacement.
I had done various searches online before buying the current MB, but
really found no definitive recommendations, and wound up picking
a board with a chip set a lot of people already used and had good

Is there a general consensus on a good socket 775 motherboard for
mythtv that can support 1080p video out via hdml?


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