[mythtv-users] Upgraded to .21 having some problems..

Noah Markon nmarkon at gmail.com
Mon Dec 15 03:14:55 UTC 2008

> Have you checked top to see if you have enough CPU to play back the
> file? You may be just on the brink of being able to play and some
> bitrates work while others don't. Also, you should build a seektable
> with mythcommflag --video filename which may just solve all your
> playback issues.

I think I have enough CPU, I watch top duing playback, and it doesn't
go above 50%, usually around 40%, for reference Sunday Night Football
uses around 60%...

I tried mythcommflag, but it didn't help, here's the output:
2008-12-14 21:09:30.108 KeyframeSequencer::decode_Header: SPS has not
been parsed!

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