[mythtv-users] Should I turn off deinterlacing?

maillist.peter at home.se maillist.peter at home.se
Sun Dec 14 22:55:58 UTC 2008


I have used MythTV for a long time with an old TV. I had
deinterlacing enabled and everything looked OK as far as
I could tell with that old TV.

I now have a FullHD LCD (Toshiba 47Z3030) and I am not
really happy with the picture quality as it is very jerky.
Both from a Hauppauge NovaT 500 and from DVDs.

I feed the signal from an onboard Nvidia 6150 via the
component output on the motherboard. I don't see that the
hardware is used to its max, since 'top' only reports ~50%.

Should I turn off deinterlacing in MythTV and let the TV
do the work?

Is it possible to feed 1920x1080 through component?

What modeline should I use?

Best regards,

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