[mythtv-users] How To Mass Delete Files in "Deleted" Group?

Drew Tomlinson drew at mykitchentable.net
Sun Dec 14 18:59:05 UTC 2008

I'm running Myth 0.21-fixes.  I like the ability to move programs to the 
"Deleted" program group and allow them to auto expire instead of 
actually deleting them and have been using this for months.

But now smartd is reporting increasing errors on two drives in my three 
drive storage group.  For those interested, these are 500 GB Hitachi IDE 
drives less than a year old.  I find it odd that both drives would begin 
failing at nearly the same time unless Hitachi drives are just crap.  
But anyway...

Instead of waiting for them to fail completely, I'd like to delete all 
programs from the "Deleted" program group and see if I have enough space 
on the remaining 1TB drive to move the remaining recordings.  Then I'll 
replace the drives before they fail completely.

So how can I mass delete these "deleted" recordings?



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