[mythtv-users] Video stutters with Internal DVD Player

Brian Phillips brian.phillips at gmx.net
Sat Dec 13 17:17:07 UTC 2008

Chris Purves wrote:
> Hello,
> I am having problems with DVD playback.  The video stutters slightly
> every few seconds.  I have tried various decoder settings:  ffmpeg,
> libmpeg2, XvMC, all to no avail.  If I set mplayer as the DVD player,
> the playback is smooth (mplayer is using libmpeg2 for decoding
> according to the mythfrontend log) so it does not appear to be a
> hardware issue.     
> There are no entries in mythfrontend.log when the stutter happens.
> I am running mythtv 0.21 on mythbuntu.
> Nvidia GeForce 7300 GT
> Thanks.

Have you checked top to see if it's a CPU, RAM, or IO (disk access) issue?
The wa% is very useful sometimes as it can show you there is a hang up with
your DVD drive.

Do you play DVDs from disk or ISO?  Have you tried to rip the DVD to ISO and
play the ISO back to see if it's your DVD player?  Do you mount ISO's over a
network drive and play those, in which case it could be a bandwidth issue?


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