[mythtv-users] Slowing down the CD

Jesse Aleksanter Kahtava jesse_kahtava at f-m.fm
Fri Dec 12 15:48:52 UTC 2008

>On Dec 12, 2008, at 3:12 AM, David Watkins wrote:

>> On 12/12/2008, Ma Begaj <derliebegott at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> 2008/12/12 Phill Edwards <philledwards at gmail.com>:
>>>>> Trouble is the CD drive is very noisy. Is there a way to slow it  
>>>>> down?
>>>>> I'm sure it doesn't have to spin at full speed to suck music off  
>>>>> it!
>>>> I found this -
>>> I tried everything I googled and nothing was able to slow down my
>>> drive (LG-...). So if it does not work, read the list, check which
>>> drives other people have and replace it. I did that and it is
>>> now. Or you could just play your music louder :)
>> I found a firmware utility to slow down my LG DVD drive.  If you're
>> still interested I could look tonight and see if I can find it.
>> I wasn't expecting to need it again because I'm sure I read somewhere
>> that mythdvd contains a function to slow the DVD drive.  Whether this
>> works in mythmusic for CDs I don't know.

>There is a setting to slow it while watching DVD's but not listening  
>to audio CD's. I imagine most people just rip the CD so it's never  
>been an issue.

It seems that drive speed control has been moved to the 'eject' command.
A terribly unintuitive spot for it. Anyway, 'eject -x 2 /dev/sr0'
successfully reduces the maximum read speed for my CD drive to 2x. I'm
using Fedora 10 with eject version 2.1.5. I've tested it by running 'dd
if=/dev/sr0 of=~/test.iso' and changing the value of -x definitely does
make a difference.

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