[mythtv-users] Migration advise

eric millham emillham at gmail.com
Thu Dec 11 23:13:55 UTC 2008

Hello, I'm contemplating the best method to migrate to SVN (trying HD-PVR
and VDPAU) and also change my linux distribution (Gentoo->Ubuntu) all
without any down time.
For background I am on .21-fixes.
I will be switching from an onboard 6x series Nvidia to a pci 8600 card.
I have /home mounted on different disk than /root.

Here is my plan, please critique:

1) boot live cd and install ubuntu to a portable usb drive which is mounted
as /
2) add this all to boot & grub so I can boot to root on either the existing
harddrive with gentoo or the usb drive
3) boot up with the usb drive as root
4) install mysql
At this point each evening I can reboot to normal disk (gentoo) and let myth
record or playback for family
Or if in playing around mode I can....
5) import my mythconverg backup to the mysql db just installed (or if
repeating the process then drop and re-import the DB)
6) install myth svn
7) play for days trying to get sound to work ;-)

Assuming this all makes sense my only question at this point is how to
utilize the MB graphics when booting to gentoo and the new graphics card
when booting to ubuntu. Do I need to pick one in Bios or can I have them
both enabled in each case?

Thanks for any advise.
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