[mythtv-users] VDPAU: motherboard with GeForce 8xxx or separate 9xxx card?

Ma Begaj derliebegott at gmail.com
Thu Dec 11 15:08:19 UTC 2008


I was thinking about small upgrade for my frontend because of VDPAU
for GeForce chips.

I have Asus M2NPV-VM (with AMD am2 3800+) which is a pretty nice
motherboard with old GeForce graphics. I would like to relieve my CPU
which is usually on 70-90% when watching 1080p h264 files. AVC for
linux helped, but I would still like to let GPU do the job with x264
and let my CPU to worry about transcoding and other things.

I see two cheap solutions as the subject says:
1. replace my motherboard with a new one (AM2/3 again) which have
better graphics (gf 8300)
2. add a separate passive GeForce PCIe card (i.e. 9500 GT)

third solution would be to get a new MB and Intel CPU, but that would
cost me 3-4x more and I do not want to have one more useless
motherboard/cpu in the closet waiting for some new ideas. My current
CPU is SFF edition with max 35W and I would like to keep the system

Do you have any experience with this? Does some of you know how big is
difference between VDPAU with GPU on motherboard and separate card
I would rather buy new motherboard instead of new graphic card (energy
saving, lower temperature in the case), but if the separate card is
significantly faster and better with x264 decoding, I would prefer
that solution.



phoronix test with 9800GT:

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