[mythtv-users] Frontend for HD Content question.

Nick Ellson grimm at nickellson.com
Thu Dec 11 03:10:12 UTC 2008

Ok, I have tried recording and playback with no setting changes.

When I go to Watch TV, Select my first HDHR Tuner and press record and 
watch it a second I still see the issues with jitter. I navigate away to 
the main memu and wait 10 mins. I come back to Watch Recorded TV and 
select the program that is currently recording. It starts off where I 
first started recording but the playback is MUCH better. Only tiny 
glitches when teh news was showing a football play and there was massive 
color changes. It stayed like that while i watched. When I stopped 
recording and started playback again, it was the same as the second time.. 
Very good playback except for a glitch here and there and it was 
consistant glitches so i suspect they got commited to disk as the 
recording process was running.

Now, last night when it was just nasty, my wife also had two other NTSC 
recordings from the PVR500 spooling to disk. So perhaps Disk IO is an 
issue. I may need to dedicate a drive for the HD Content... Can I separate 
the storage locations per tuner?

I also want to look at the idea of dedicating a NIC on the back end just 
for the HDHome Run, that sounded like a nice idea. And see how the profile 
change works as well.

Thanks for all the ideas everyone!


Nick Ellson
CCIE# 20018
MCSE 2000, Security+, Network+
Network Hobbyist, VFR Private Pilot.

On Wed, 10 Dec 2008, James Crow wrote:

> On Wed, 2008-12-10 at 09:34 -0800, Nick Ellson wrote:
>> I have not tried Slim, don't know where that would be set??? Sounds
>> promising though, can someone toss me the FAQ on where I work with that
>> profile?
>> Here is the output of LSPCI and CPUINFO
> <snip>
>> model name      : AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5400+
>> stepping        : 2
>> cpu MHz         : 2800.001
> <snip>
>> --
>> Nick Ellson
>> CCIE# 20018
>> MCSE 2000, Security+, Network+
>> Network Hobbyist, VFR Private Pilot.
> That CPU should be plenty fast enough to watch OTA ATSC HD (mpeg2 720p,
> 1080i) I have a 5000+ and a 5200+ and both of them handle things just
> fine.
> You can find the Slim profile under the
> Frontend->Utilities/Setup->Setup->Playback Settings->TV
> Settings->Playback (pg3/9)
> You may also want to search the list for problems with i/o. If you
> record two HD shows, watch one, and comm flag one all at the same time
> you may be maxing out the i/o of a single recording drive. I have a
> PVR-500 (2x SD tuners) and a single OTA tuner and had to add a second
> drive for recordings because I was maxing out the i/o of the drive.
> If you are running Cisco gear (and know networking as a CCIE should :))
> your home network should be light years ahead of many on the list.
> Cheers,
> James
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