[mythtv-users] Using DirecTV

Brad DerManouelian myth at dermanouelian.com
Wed Dec 10 21:11:26 UTC 2008

On Dec 10, 2008, at 1:03 PM, Joe wrote:

>> I used the blaster method in the very beginning.  It only worked  
>> about
>> 10% of the time accurately.
>> Very annoying.  Once I moved the the serial connection I haven't  
>> had any
>> issues.
> Does anyone know if ALL DirecTV receivers have this serial port
> capability?  I've heard some reports that newer units may not have
> this feature and you must use an IR blaster.  When I spoke to a sales
> tech regarding it, they could not give me an answer (no surprise).  In
> general I consider an IR blaster to be very undesirable for the
> reasons given here and I'd much prefer something hard-wired.

I've had the D10, D11 and H-21. All have had the service port required  
for changing channels.

> Reason being is that I'd like to get networks like Discovery, etc. -
> I'm currently just OTA on my system.  Comcast is out of the question
> -- overpriced and encryption issues are likely (discussed at length on
> this list).  DirecTV and Dish seem more reasonable, but I fear they'd
> stick me with a STB that does not work well with Myth.  If I knew that
> it would work with Myth I'd feel much better about directv.

The issue you might run into is the one I'm having right now on my  
third box.. I can't find a Serial->USB converter that works. The ones  
using the pl2303 chips work correctly, but the ones using the pl2303X  
chip do not. There is no way to tell which chip it has by looking at  
it or reading a description online. I've called a couple of  
manufacturers who all tell me the "pl2303 are *long gone*". So if you  
find one that works, let me know. I only have 2 older ones that work  
and about 4 newer ones that don't (the same brand and everything).


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