[mythtv-users] Logitech Harmony 670 Remote +++++

Andrew Close aclose at gmail.com
Wed Dec 10 14:47:34 UTC 2008

i've been a happy Myth user for ~4 years (?!?) now, and for the most
part i've been content with the Hauppage silver/gray remote that came
with my PVR-250.  my only complaint with it was that i couldn't power
on/off my other A/V equipment or control the volume with it.  so i
always had to use at least two remotes.  not a big deal, but somewhat
well, i just received a new Harmony Logitech 670 Universal Remote
yesterday in the mail (early Christmas present i guess :)
it took all of 15 minutes to unwrap, install batteries, run through
the little tutorial on the remote and then set it up on the Logitech
website, at which point i had a working remote with all the
features/functions of my silver/gray Happauge and single button power
on for my TV and AVR.  the only complaint i have with the 670 is that
the up/down/left/right/center directional button is too small.  i feel
that this button(s) is the heart of a good remote and should be more
prominent.  but it functions and is navigable by touch alone, so will
i was surprised to see MythTv in the choices of devices listed on
Logitech's website.  it's very convenient that they emulate the
Hauppage remotes almost out of the box.
WAF is also way up now that she can use a single remote for all A/V
functions (and there's built in help).

i don't have any affiliation with Logitech, but thought i would share
my experience as i know a lot of ppl ping the list looking for remote
advice.  the 670 (and probably all the Harmony remotes) gives you
basic Myth functionality with an extremely simple setup/config as well
as allow you to control other devices.

i guess i should also note that for MythTv use, you must provide some
sort of I/R receiver to get the remote signal into your computer.  i'm
currently using the 'eye' that came with my PVR-250, which the remote
is basically emulating.  i eventually plan to use the 'eye' in my
HDHomerun (if i can get it to work :)

Andrew Close

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